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“The Care of and Concern for the health and well-being of your
horse is our Number One Priority!”

C-J Ranch provides these services:
Barn Hours: 7:30A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (Everyday)

  • Feed Grain & Hay, twice daily at twelve[12] hour intervals.

    Grain is a 12% mix prepared by Crown Feed & Supply Co. Hay is a good quality timothy & grass mixture.

  • Water at all times in stall.

    Buckets are hung at chest (horse’s) level in the warmer weather & placed on floor during colder weather to aid in the prevention of ice forming on the water.

  • Cleaning of stalls.

    Stalls are cleaned in the morning & picked again in the afternoon. Shavings are added as needed. Stalls are stripped as needed.

  • Turn out areas for your horse are the following:

    • Large & Small Outdoor Arenas
    • Indoor Arena
    • Dry Lot to the North of the barn Pasture on South side of 87th Avenue.
  • Locker (s)

    Every client is given one (1) locker per horse boarded at C-J Ranch, Inc.
    It is recommended that the client place a lock on their locker.

  • Crossties

    There are four crosstie areas in the barn. We provide the ties for you. Additionally, there is an individual tie for your horse. All are conveniently located by a saddle rack or place where you can set your tack while saddling your horse.

  • Washrack

    Located on the South side of barn. Used during Spring, Summer, & Fall months.

  • Trails

    Riding trails are provided in the area South of the Indoor Arena. They are kept mowed for your riding comfort.

  • Riding Instruction

    Lessons are available in both Western and English disciplines.

  • Trailer Parking

    An area is provided for the Client to park their trailer (at no charge).

  • Fire Alarm System

    A fire alarm system, in place, is activated twenty-four (24) hours a day.

  • Security Alarm System

    The security system is activated upon closing the facility at 9:00p.m. nightly, and deactivated upon opening in the morning. If you are showing, trail riding, etc. and need to arrive earlier or return later than posted barn hours, please advise us and we will make sure to accommodate you.

  • Spring & Fall Veterinary Days

    Veterinarian Vaccinates, Floats Teeth, etc. on a given day in April and November. Veterinarian of your choice may be used by you.

  • Farrier Services

    Farrier is here bi-monthly or as needed. You may use the Farrier of your choice.

  • Boarding Contract

    A contract requiring the boarder’s signature upon arriving at C-J RANCH,Inc.is provided for the safety and well being of the client, their horse(s), and others.
    PHONE: (219) 365-5809 If there is no answer, please leave a message as I check the answering machine often.

Boarder(s) Responsibilities at C-J RANCH, Inc.
You, as a C-J Ranch, Inc. Boarder are responsible for the following:

  • Payment

    Payment of your board at the time of arrival at C-J RANCH, Inc. and on that date for every month thereafter, while at this facility, as stated in the boarding agreement.

  • Supplements

    Supplements of your choice, (Vitamins, Hoof Products, Joint Supplements, Daily Wormer, etc.) Will be provided by you. They will be given in the A.M. feeding (or twice daily) at NO additional charge to you.

  • Water buckets

    Water Buckets are provided for your horse but if you have one that you prefer to use, you may do so.

  • Electric water bucket warmers are not allowed in this facility.

  • Fans

    Fans, in the warm weather, are provided by you. An additional fee of $10 per month to cover the electricity will be charged & payable upon installation of the fan. They are turned on upon opening the barn in the morning & turned off upon closing at night.

  • Regarding Turn Out

    Do not turn your horse out with anyone else’s horse unless it is fully agreed upon by both parties. Please do not leave if your horse is turned out in the main arena.
    (See below…)

  • Arena Priority

    People riding in the main arena have priority over people turning horses out in the main arena.

  • Horse Monitoring

    Do not allow horses to fraternize with one another over the fences. You must monitor your horse while it is turned out!!! (It also saves on broken fence boards!) If you turn your horse out and leave the premises, someone may want to turn their horse out and thus will either bring yours in or turn theirs out with yours. It is not a good idea to leave with your horse left out to fend for itself, especially when turning out young horses. Everyone needs a turn at turnout… Please do not monopolize the arena for your use.

    Horses are not to be turned out in pasture area across the street when it is wet or muddy or during reseeding of the pasture.

  • Lighting

    Lighting in outdoor & indoor arenas. Lights are there for your safety and comfort, however, please make sure the switch is in the “off” position when you are not inside either arena.

  • Farrier & Veterinary payments

    Payment of farrier & veterinary bills are your responsibility. If you cannot be present when either one is here to provide services for you, a check must be left for the work to be completed.

    A complete list of Farriers & Veterinarians used at this facility is located below. You are welcome to use whoever you would like, but please designate your preference to call in the event of an emergency when you are unable to be reached.

  • Medical Updates

    Horses must be vaccinated for tetanus, E & W Sleeping Sickness, Influenza, WNV, Strangles & Rhino when coming to board at C-J RANCH, Inc. It is the boarder’s responsibility to continue to maintain a vaccination schedule for the health and safety of their animal.

  • Worming your horse

    You can either feed a daily wormer (Example: Strongid pellets) or paste worm your horse every six to eight weeks. Horses must be wormed regularly or they cannot use the pasture or turn out areas.

  • Blanketing your horse

    This is your option… But you cannot put a blanket on your animal & forget about
    him (her). Think of it as you wearing a coat & never taking it off. Also, if you keep your horse blanketed, please leave the blanket on when you turn it out to exercise. Taking a blanket off your horse when turning it out in cold weather is like taking your coat off when you go outside to play in the snow. Blankets are not a necessity unless your horse does not have a thick, heavy hair coat.

  • Grooming

    Grooming your horse is your responsibility. Properly brushing & currying your horse’s coat on a regular basis (at least twice a week), is the best & cheapest coat conditioner on the market.

  • Regarding Locker (s):

    Every boarder has one locker per horse that they board.
    You are responsible for providing a lock for your locker.


    If you do not understand something, have questions or concerns…
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Come & Talk Directly with me.